• Razor Works All aboard for a razor cut. Always a fashion statement. Razors allow movement in the design that allows new possibilities.  Very thick or curly hair- these conditions can be altered.  Talk to a stylist for a consult.

  • Combo Cuts  Using two different tool techniques allows for greater effect.  Like clipper cut the back of the cut, and razor the top for height and texture. Great fun... and don't forget the color.

  • Simple Design Cuts  Simple design cuts allow for other techniques to shine.  The smooth line designs allows for a pallet  which color can embrace.

  • The High and Tight Cuts  Don't forget the high and tight. This class of cuts is gender friendly.  Come get a great summer buzz.

Color Color Color

  • From solid to transparents, these types of service  can enhance an existing color or change your pallet. Seasons are all the rage, so let's talk color.  Gray hair coverage can be age adage. Let's keep it young. You are only as young as you look, so don't grow old by your own doing. 

  • Dimension's  The next class of color usage is dimensions. This is where the rainbow of fun begins.  Highlights come in many forms.  From the California Sponge Cap, merfs, to multiple foil play and eventually transforms into open hand techniques.

Highlight and Blonding

  • Forty percent of all color services are blondes, let's take a look. How one weaves the highlights to transform a tapestry of lights makes a highlight from ordinary to fabulous.  Solid blondes are still a fashion statement. The Marilyn look has made an appearance in today's popular places to be seen.  So if one can see, then lets do. 

  • Blonds maybe created with high lift colors or a bleaching mixture.  By any event it is your thoughts, with our skills that equals a pleased client.     

Hair and Scalp Treatments

  • Always an old maid.  Treatments are a colors best friend. One week before a client receives a color service, a home chelation treatment and protein- moisture treatment will prep your hair for it's best color results.

  • You blondes this applies to you, also.  Salon treatments are a great pamper, but hair that is processed requires more TLC.

  • And finally your best permanent wave service will prosper with a nice protein- moisture treatment.

  • Scalp treatment for the less affected can be controlled with the regular use of moisture- botanical designed shampoo and home scalp treatments.  Proper chelation can be a big plus.  Always talk to your family doctor for more serious conditions


  • A final word on a lost art.  Perms are back not like your Jurassic perms of the seventies and eighties. Beautiful curls soft and feminine.  Watch out! Soft, medium to long curls are the new trend.


  • Ole Olio di morocco smoothing treatment available.  Please look at our product page for more information.


An all inclusive range from our staff

  • Trims, blunt cuts, dry cuts, design cuts, clippers, light trims   $10.00 to $40.00

  • Color, color touch up, full head, long hair, no hair, special effects from a single highlight to a full long haired technique  $10.00 to $150.00    IE a typical color touchup and trim $78.00 to $98.00. 

  • Talk to our stylists for a free consultation and cost analysis.


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